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Creating your
logo and
brand identity

Where a brand begins

Good logo design should capture the essence of a brand and leave the customer with an immediate feeling of what the business stands for.


Less is more

If a logo design is overworked, it can end up more like an illustration. Your logo should have a positive impact quickly and effectively.


How we help

We’ll work to uncover your identity and values, focusing them into a core brand message that is inspirational, memorable and relevant.

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Logos are designed
Brands are built

The logo is often your first impression and one that impacts brand perception, purchase decisions and overall attitude towards a product or service. Logo design isn't the only element to your identity, but it's integral in conveying the right message and provides the foundation of your brand. Your website, promotional materials and packaging communicate your brand to the right people in the most effective way.

We work with clients to successfully communicate, engage with and retain their target audience through their logo and brand identity.


What is a logo?

A logo is a symbol, a wordmark or both that represents a company or range of products and services. When it is applied consistently and uniformly, it forms the basis of the brand identity.

What is a brand?

A brand tells people exactly what they can expect and is derived from who you are, who you believe in, what you want to be and who you are perceived to be.

The logo design process
We invest time and energy to understand what you'd like to achieve from your brand identity. We know it's not easy to let go and allow someone else to create your brand image, but with our expertise we can guide you through the process to achieve the best results possible. We turn your ideas into a visual identity, giving your product or service a strong and modern brand presence.

Design brief & Proposal

What is your business? What is the purpose of your logo? Where will it be presented? These are just some of the questions we use to establish the scope of your logo project. They will also provoke ideas you may not have had or thought necessary, and help us understand exactly what you need from the design to produce a project proposal and quote.


Research & Planning

The most important step in creating your logo is research. We look at your business and industry, who you are, what you do and how you’re perceived, along with researching similar styles, themes and your competitors. This helps us connect your visual identity with your target audience, resulting in a logo design that’s both fitting and unique to you.



When we have a clear vision from our research and planning, we create the concepts - typically three. These are rough ideas we think will fit your brand identity, and the first point we present for feedback. Together, we will choose one direction to take the design, and using one concept, we revise the design through a number of versions.



As a revised concept is agreed, we’ll finalise and perfect every aspect of the design, refining the detail, tweaking colours and layout, to ensure you're completely happy. This is when you receive the finished design and all the relevant image formats and file types you need, including: png, jpg and pdf.

Brand guidelines

The way a brand looks is far more than the design of the logo. This is just one artefact, comprising several elements. The brand guideline is a document containing the word mark and/or symbol, the primary colour scheme, secondary complimentary colours, fonts and a set of rules on how these elements fit together. These form a toolbox to extend the brand identity, by following a series of carefully compiled rules.


Your toolbox

Creating and applying these brand guidelines, ensures the brand image stays true to the original values and intentions. We try to capture the brand identity in the logo design and brand guidelines to make this as easy as possible. You will receive your brand guidelines along with your finalised logo design - we’ll make sure you have everything you need.

Reinforcing the brand

Once brand values are understood, an inspiring logo is designed and brand guidelines are created to keep this in check, we’ll work with you to enhance the brand experience, using our expertise to design for both online and print. Your brand will continually develop, engage with and remain relevant in the market.