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We can
help with...

Brand intentions

We help uncover brand values, and convey them in a core message.


Complete design

Design for print, marketing, communications, packaging, promotion, online and more!



Reinforce your brand image with our guidance and experience in design.

Graphic design

The immediate impact of any marketing materials or communication is design. Without reading a word, the first (powerful) impression has been already been made – visually. Your choice of design needs to have a significant impact on your target audience to be effective. Whether you’re seeking a new brand image or using an existing identity to develop or refresh your brand, we can design with a variety of products and services in mind to convey the values of your business.


Design brief & Proposal

We use the design brief to establish the scope of your design project and to help provoke ideas you may not have had or thought about, allowing us to understand your values and how we can work to reinforce your brand image. From this, we will focus our ideas into a project proposal and quote.

Research & Planning

We will focus on what's important to your business through research into your brand and industry, plus similar designs and competitors. Content is key here, and we'll work with you to plan the layout and design around your content. This helps us uncover a key message to connect your visual identity and target audience.


We create a draft design, a rough idea we think fits your identity. Together, we will make progress on the direction of the design, making revisions through a number of versions (this will depend on the design project) before moving onto finalising.


Here, we perfect every aspect of the design, refining the detail, tweaking colours and layout, to ensure you're completely happy. You will receive the finished design in all the relevant formats and file types you need (png, jpg, pdf).


& packaging

When you need to reach a number of people quickly and effectively, print can shout your message loudly and clearly! Our designs cover stationery, brochures, product packaging and much more.


& advertising

Promotional materials and advertising push your image and brand to your customers and our designs will help you convey the right message, at the right time.

Point of sale

& signage

Extending your identity on other materials can create a successful image and one which people recognise. Point of sale items and signage can be inexpensive options, so we’ll be on hand to help you decide on the best solutions for your budget.


social media & email

Your website essential in marketing your professional appearance. And up-to-date content is key in reaching as many people as possible. It's important to keep your online image current. An effective way to do this is to use short snappy icons, adverts and emailers. We can design infographics, website adverts and email marketing, to keep your brand at the front of your customers’ minds.



Brand identity

Graphic design is an integral part of creating, developing or refreshing your brand identity and we can help piece together brand and design strategies. They should complement and reinforce your brand image, values and intentions, helping communications in the most effective way.


We work with you to enhance the brand experience, using existing standards to develop or refresh your brand image, or by using what we’ve learned from your brand values and logo design to reinforce intentions. Our graphic design work allows your brand to constantly develop, engage with and remain relevant in the market.


Your brand identity should be kept up-to-date and effective in communicating the right message. Our design experience isn't limited to creating brands. We love to create, develop or refresh brands into something more powerful. You may already have a logo, but need it integrated into literature, adverts or social media, to give your brand image the awareness it needs to succeed. We can help!